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Saturday 19 April 2014

Poll to find best UK animation star

Wallace and Gromit are among the contenders for an animated character award

TV favourites such as Mr Benn, Bagpuss, Peppa Pig and Aleksandr the meerkat are to battle it out to be named Britain's greatest animated character.

They all feature on a shortlist of much-loved names drawn from TV, ads and online drawn up by leading figures from the animation world.

Other notable names include Wallace and Gromit, Danger Mouse and 70s TV ad star, the Cresta bear, known for the catchphrase "it's frothy, man".

Members of the public now have a chance to choose their favourite in an online poll over the next three weeks.

The vote is being run by the British Animation Awards (BAA) and the winner will be announced at the annual ceremony on March 15. It is also designed to raise awareness of the economic benefits of the industry and the need for tax breaks in line with foreign competitors as part of a campaign by Animation UK.

The shortlist is as follows: Roobarb and Custard, Bagpuss, Wallace and Gromit, Danger Mouse, Penfold (Danger Mouse), Timmy (from Timmy Time), The Snowman, Mr Benn, Paddington, Count Duckula, Morph, Super Ted, Postman Pat, Tiny Clanger (The Clangers), Soup Dragon (The Clangers), Noggin the Nog, Uncle Nogbad (Noggin The Nog), Lola (Charlie And Lola), Peppa Pig, Aleksandr Orlov ( Compare The Market), Cresta Bear and Simon's Cat.

BAA Director Jayne Pilling said: "The UK is famed for its animation the world over. This vote celebrates the illustrious heritage of cherished characters that have been created in the UK over the last few decades and highlights the wealth of creative talent that could disappear if the industry continues to decline."

Votes can be cast via the British Animation Awards' Facebook page until March 9.

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