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Portman: I'm a gypsy

Natalie Portman is “envious” of actors who can work on movie sets close to home.

The actress is currently promoting Thor: The Dark World, which sees her reprise her role as Jane Foster. Natalie’s career takes her all over the world, and she sometimes wishes she could find a movie set nearer home.

“We don’t really shoot in Hollywood at all these days. I love working here [in London], though, and I’m a little envious of British actors and British crews because they can always work close to home. American and Australian actors, we end up like gypsies: moving from movie to movie, changing cities all the time,” she told “You can really have such a fulfilling, wonderful rich career in London, between the theatre, the TV here, and the film. It’s pretty cool to get to live and work in the same place.”

Natalie stars alongside Chris Hemsworth in the Thor sequel. Although many of the themes in the superhero film are fantastical, Natalie found it easy to relate her storyline as it focused on normal relationship issues.

“I think that the characters are going through some very relatable things, even though they’re travelling between realms. You don’t look at it as, ‘Thor went off to fight this epic battle in a far off realm.’ You look at it as, ‘There was this great guy who suddenly didn’t return your calls.’ That helps ground it,” Natalie said. “It’s a long-distance relationship. You’re getting to meet his parents and they don’t quite approve... It also helps that I’m the mortal among the gods and villains and monsters near me, so that’s naturally more grounded.”

Natalie was also quizzed on the scrapbook her mom keeps to trace her career success. The 32-year-old Oscar-winning actress finds it entertaining when she looks back over her time in Hollywood.

“The scrapbook is funny, because it’s the same set of photos that she always lends out for every movie I’ve done for the past 20 years, and there’s a lot of characters that shouldn’t have the same experiences and family photos but do,” she explained. “There’s some interesting ones of, say, me and Tobey Maguire from when I’m young. There’s also a lot of Photoshopped stuff in there, with different people I’ve worked with. It’s strange, and interesting and kind of amazing to think of all that ground being covered.”

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