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Portman: I'm immature

Natalie Portman can't contain her giggles once she gets into a laughing fit.

The American actress has starred in several hard-hitting films during her career, including her Oscar-winning performance in Black Swan.

However in her latest feature Thor: The Dark World Natalie was able to let her fun side out with co-star Chris Hemsworth. Due to the continuous giggles on set she found it hard to be serious for certain scenes.

"Oh my god, I'm such a kindergarten. It's so embarrassing, I'm so immature," she mused to BBC Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw.

"Chris Hemsworth and I definitely had some real immature laughing fits, which was amazing at first and then after five takes, people start looking at their watches and not being amused at all. So that sounds really silly but actually it was the hardest thing.

"As soon as you try, it's like that reverse psychology thing when you try and stop and it makes you laugh. You try things like looking at their ear instead of their eye because you know that on a certain one or word or something you're just gonna lose it... we figured it out in the end."

Natalie is set to relocate to France next year with her choreographer husband Benjamin Millepied and their son Aleph. The 32-year-old actress can't wait to live in Europe and is intrigued about how locals will accept her.

"My family, we are moving to Paris a year from now. Very excited," she gushed. "[I'll] definitely not lose my American voice]. Yeah well, you know, we'll test it out. I'll try and learn an accent. I'll try and do my best Jean Seberg and see what the response is."

She is currently in England to promote her new movie. While she loves the country she doesn't appreciate what the weather does to her hair.

"I have very Jewish hair, so it just goes very frizzy in the rain," she laughed. "If only all our worries could be as meaningless as that. You just go with it... you just roll with it and remember that is the least of all issues you can have in life."

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