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Portman talks ‘book obsession’

Natalie Portman has collected hundreds of books since childhood.

The 32-year-old actress says she has amassed quite an impressive collection since her days as a schoolgirl.

Natalie revealed she started collecting odd things at an early age, but as she grew older her interest in books remained.

“When I was a kid I collected stickers at one point. I read like every single Babysitter’s Club book so I had like 250 books. It’s not really a collection, I just read them all and was obsessed with them,” she told Collider.

“I had a collection of miniature dogs. Very cool kid obviously! Now as an adult I collect first editions of books.”

The actress stars as Jane Foster opposite Chris Hemsworth in forthcoming fantasy adventure Thor: The Dark World.

She also has roles in three other features set for release next year, including Knight of Cups, In the Garden of Beasts and the Untitled Terrence Malick Project.

The Oscar-winning actress has two-year-old son Aleph with husband Benjamin Millepied and she has spoken before about how her busy work schedule makes motherhood seem simpler.

"Yes - acting feels really easy," Natalie revealed in the November issue of British magazine Elle. "I love being a mom, but it's much more intensive work than being an actress - going to work feels like you've got a day off.

“Not that I want a day off from being a mom, it's just perhaps I had this impression before that moms don't work. But they work more than anyone."

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