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Portman: We have to try and have empathy

Natalie Portman doesn't mind having a bad day at work, because thoughts of her son are much more important.

The Oscar-winning actress was born in Israel and has always been outspoken on her beliefs, never shying away from her Jewish roots.

Earlier this year after the terrorist attack on Paris-based magazine Charlie Hebdo, a kosher deli found itself at the centre of a hostage and terrorist attack. Natalie has tried to view the situation from a different angle.

"I think it's real, it exists," she said when British Marie Claire asked her about Parisian Anti-Semitism. "Hatred exists in many forms and in many places and it's important to be aware of it. If you can take something positive from it, it allows us to have more empathy to others who are experiencing it."

As well as being passionate about diffusing the world's hatred, Natalie's mind is also full of thoughts of her son Aleph with husband Benjamin Millepied.

Becoming a mother changed her perspective on work, and despite adding director to her resume with new film A Tale of Love and Darkness, Natalie's career now takes more of a backseat.

"I care about my work - I don't take it lightly. But a bad day at work is just a bad day at work. There's someone so much more important than me now," she explained.

However the 34-year-old isn't quite ready to give up Hollywood.

"I get guilt feelings a lot, which I think is normal. At least I tell myself that. Being a full-time mom takes so much work and selflessness. But it is a question of: are you supposed to stop existing? If you have something you're passionate about are you supposed to stop exploring that? I tell myself I want to keep on exploring it, as long as I'm keeping my priorities right. I saw how meaningful my father's work was to him and how it inspired him, but I knew if I needed him, he'd be there in two seconds. I hope my family will see that, too," she smiled.

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