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Poésy: I'd be a bad cop

Clémence Poésy claims it is “impossible” to always tell the truth.

The actress stars as French investigator Elise Wasserman in new TV show The Tunnel, an Anglo-French remake of the Scandinavian thriller The Bridge. This was Clémence’s first time portraying an officer and she admits learning her moves by watching US TV show The Wire.

“It was fun to play this cool, composed, masculine character because I’m so sh*t at that in real life,” she laughed to British magazine Grazia. “But no, I don’t think I’d make a great cop in real life. My gun kept slipping out of my pocket!”

In The Tunnel, the body of a politician is found between the two countries, so police forces from France and England must work together to solve the crime. Clémence was eager to strip Elise of her implied Asperger’s Syndrome and portrays her as a cold and socially awkward woman. She has also decided not to watch The Bridge to ensure her performance was fresh.

“Now I can just enjoy it, I won’t be thinking, ‘She did it like this so now I have to do it like this.’ It puts you in a weird head space,” she explained. “We didn’t want Elise to have some big pathological problem. She is someone who has a completely pure relationship with truth. She talks in facts, she never lies. Have you ever tried to do that? It’s impossible.”

Clémence divides time between her apartments in London and Paris. Despite appearing in Gossip Girl and the Harry Potter franchise, she manages to maintain a low-profile.

“I don’t get that [much attention],” she insisted. “Maybe in Paris, but otherwise I’m quite anonymous. I don’t know how people deal with not being able to do anything privately.”

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