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Pratt gets B.A.

Spencer Pratt has completed college after ten years.

The reality TV star admits he was in college for a long time, but blames his hectic schedule for the delay. According to Spencer, being on a television show got in the way of his education.

"I'm done with classes," he told Us Weekly. "I still have one final, Spanish 3, but thankfully I have two weeks to study for it. My degree is going to be in political science."

The 30-year-old jokes that at this point he could be a doctor, but insists on staying positive. The Hills star admits going to school was a great experience.

"I was busy being famous!” Heidi Montag’s husband said. “USC was so much fun, though, and you can never learn enough. Of course, I should probably have a doctorate or two at this point, but I'll take it."

Proud Spencer also tweeted about his achievement, and showed allegiance to the University of South California. He also thanked his wife for standing by him and helping him study for tests and exams.

"Today was my last day of College @USC! Best 10 years of my life! #Trojans," Spencer said.

"Heidi is the best, always so supportive," he added. "She drives in to class with me, quizzes me with flashcards, everything. I'm a lucky man."

While Spencer has been busy with books, Heidi has been working on her physical appearance. The 27-year-old recently admitted to having breast reduction surgery to bring her F’s down to C cups.

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