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Pratt: I’m a people-pleaser

Chris Pratt doesn’t think he would get hired if he was “a jerk”.

The 35-year-old has built a fantastic career for himself, with roles in Guardians of the Galaxy and upcoming movie Jurassic World. But despite heading up major blockbusters, Chris has no plans to become a diva on or off set any time soon.

“If you’re a jerk, people won’t hire you. That’s how it is now. Who’s the jerk who gets hired? It catches up with you,” he told USA Today. “With social media now — if you have one flip-out on camera, oh boy. It’s hard to hide.”

While many young actors look to their peers for guidance, Chris’ experience with his elders highlighted what he shouldn’t do. And while he didn’t name names, the star did share the kind of antics that he witnessed.

“It used to be way different. You used to be so protected by the studio. I’m glad that I am as old as I am and that I’ve been around — there were moments early in my career I’d see older actors behave like [expletives] on set,” he said. “I’d think that that’s what I had to do. I need to start learning how to do that. Luckily I’m not capable of doing that. I’m a total people-pleaser and a complete pushover. [expletives] don’t work.”

The father-of-one seems to have been wise enough even in his younger years to realise that while being demanding works in your favour initially, it doesn’t in the long term.

“I’ve seen it firsthand. In the moment it’s the way to get what you want. You’ll get what you want. In the moment, it works,” he said. “But you watch for a few years, those people don’t work anymore. That’s been my experience.”

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