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Prince Charles wants to heal country

Britain's Prince Charles isn't the forgotten Prince.

Time magazine's editor-at-large Catherine Mayer was give months of unprecedented access to the British prince, who is the heir to the throne and features on the cover of this week's publication.

With his two sons William and Harry being hailed as the people's princes, Charles is often relegated to the background when it comes to the royals.

But the Prince of Wales doesn't see it that way, and cherishes the role he has.

"I've had this extraordinary feeling, for years and years, ever since I can remember really, of wanting to heal and make things better.

"I feel more than anything else it's my duty to worry about everybody and their lives in this country, to try to find a way of improving things if I possibly can," Charles told Time.

The article seems to dispel any notions of Charles as an unhappy man, desperate to become king.

Catherine also spoke to 50 of Charles close friends and associates, including his good friend actress Emma Thomson who put the 64-year-old prince in a much more amusing light.

"Dancing with Charles, an old friend, is better than sex. There's a long history of relationships between Princes of Wales and actors - not just actresses, not just the rude relationships as [Charles] would say, though god knows I've tried. He wasn't having any of it," Emma laughed.

Catherine herself concludes, after numerous visits to his many homes, that the man behind the title is not at all what you'd expect.

When the time does come for Charles to take the throne, he will have to ease up on the work he most loves including his charities, initiatives and causes.

"Much of what you think you know about the prince is wrong. He's not itching to ascend the throne, but impatient to get as much done as possible before, in the words of one member of his household, 'the prison shades' close'" she summarised.

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