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Prince George's 'normal childhood'

Britain's Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William are reportedly doing all they can to give Prince George a normal upbringing.

Catherine and her husband Prince William welcomed their son into the world in July last year and are gearing up for him to turn one on the 22nd of the month. To celebrate the special day Vanity Fair magazine has published a piece which goes behind the scenes of the royal couple's life.

The publication's contributor Katie Nicholl spoke to a number of insiders for the piece, getting the inside track on the heir to the throne.

Apparently the tot used to cry a lot when he was a newborn, prompting his mother to feel a huge sense of relief when he was well behaved in public. The baby apparently did not sleep well for months, with his nanny Jessie Webb struggling to get him into a routine. He was reportedly "permanently hungry" when he was breastfeeding and only started sleeping through the night in January, which was when he started having solid food.

George was seen in public when he was christened in October and also made some appearances during the family's trip to Australia and New Zealand earlier this year. According to Katie, William was a little concerned about the effect the warm weather and long flight would have on his son but the couple always knew he would travel with them. Usually heirs aren't allowed to travel together, but William's grandmother Elizabeth II gave her permission for the protocol to be forgotten in this instance.

"George didn’t really suffer from jet lag - he settled down very quickly," a senior aide told the writer.

William and Catherine are apparently in agreement that their son should enjoy a normal upbringing as far as possible. He goes on playdates and there are rumours a sibling for him could not be far away - the royal couple are apparently considering trying for another tot this summer.

Their plans for George's childhood may also be why Catherine was so upset when photographs of her taking the tot for a walk in a local park were taken. They weren't printed in the UK but other outlets did publish them, with Catherine now taking George out in the grounds of Kensington Palace as paparazzi can't photograph there.

There was also a note about the much-discussed redesign of the palace. Catherine has reportedly been heavily involved, with the couple deciding to repaint as the home used to be Princess Margaret's and she had chosen turquoise as the wall colour.

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