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Prince Harry turns toilet designer

Prince Harry designed the toilets on his South Pole trek.

The prince showed a surprising talent for building the outdoor lavatories for the members of the trek to use, when they completed their mission last month.

Harry was the patron on the Walking With The Wounded charity challenge, and took his duties very seriously.

The Wire actor Dominic West, who was part of the group, revealed the hidden talents of the British royal when the men and women of the trek met up for a welcome home press conference.

"He was very much part of the team, he seemed to specialise in building latrines. He built this incredible castellated structure with blocks to keep out the wind and it even had a [toilet] roll holder," Dominic said at the reception, reports

"They had a flag pole and a loo roll holder that were surrounded by blocks of snow. He must have taken 45 minutes to create each one."

Dominic was clearly in awe of 29-year-old Harry, who provided a vital service to the rest of the teams.

He explained how Harry would dig a hole with a "platform to squat on. He built these incredible intricate ones. He did art A Level [in high school] - you can tell he has the artistic touch."

"I'd be sitting there, looking at a beautiful view thinking, 'This is the royal flush!'"

Others on the expedition include actor Alexander Skarsgård and 12 injured servicemen and women from the UK, America and the Commonwealth.

The prince praised his teammates for their efforts.

"Inspiring others is one of the cornerstones of this charity, to demonstrate to those who have experienced life-changing injuries that everything is possible. I hope this truly unbelievable achievement by everyone behind me, and back in America, Canada and Australia... will remind everybody that they can achieve anything that they want to," Harry said at the press conference.

"Our wounded, injured and sick do not want pity, they simply want to be treated the same way they were before they were injured - with respect and admiration."

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