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Prince Jackson is Prince Charming

Michael Jackson’s eldest son Prince is a true “gentleman” around his Kuwaiti princess girlfriend.

Prince has been dating Kuwaiti princess, Remi Alfalah, for around ten months. Her mom Alana has now spoken out about the romance, revealing she thoroughly approves of her daughter’s choice of beau.

“I trust Prince with my daughter and I’d stake my life on him always being a gentleman with her,” Alana told “We enjoy Prince. He’s exceptional.”

Prince and Remi’s relationship appears to be going from strength to strength, with the pair recently seen kissing over lunch in Beverly Hills. It has been reported that the 16-year-old teenager is even considering asking Remi to marry him. However, Alana insists they are in no rush to settle down.

“They are not at that stage yet,” she said. “They are serious about their education, the both of them. Look, my husband is from Kuwait and I’m American, he’s very strict, so there is no way he’d allow Remi to see someone who wasn’t doing the right things in life. Prince doesn’t get into trouble, he doesn’t smoke, and he doesn’t drink. We wouldn’t allow Remi to be with just anyone.”

Remi’s mother has been hugely impressed by Prince’s creative streak and conscientious nature.

“Prince makes his own jewellery by hand, great pieces and he draws a lot, he’s into art. Both of them are also so worried about nature and animals and Prince is meticulous, always cleaning his car and making sure things are tidy,” Alana added.

She went on to praise Prince’s grandmother, Katherine Jackson, who has been a guardian to the teenager and his two younger siblings since Michael died in 2009. Alana says Katherine is “lovely” and is in complete control of raising the three children.

Prince’s 15-year-old sister Paris hit the headlines in June after a failed suicide bid. It seems her big brother has been doing everything he can to help get her life back on track.

“He has a lot of pressure with all that has gone on, but he handles everything well. He never speaks an ill word and he cares about everyone,” Alana said.

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