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Prince Jackson testifies at AEG Live trial

Prince Jackson testified during the wrongful death suit trial against AEG Live that his father Michael argued with concert promoters frequently during This Is It concert tour rehearsals.

The 16-year-old son of the late King of Pop took the stand on Wednesday in a wrongful death trial posed by the Jackson family against concert giant AEG Live.

Matriarch Katherine Jackson filed the alleged $40 billion lawsuit against the company on behalf of her grandchildren Prince, Paris, 15, and Blanket, 11. The plaintiffs claim AEG was negligent in hiring Dr. Conrad Murray. The shamed medical practitioner is currently in jail for manslaughter after administering a lethal dose of Propofol to Michael on June 25 2009.

The Jacksons also claim AEG Live forced Michael to work excessively in the run up to his This Is It concert tour, even though they were aware of his poor health.

Fox News reports Prince recalled his father getting into heated phone conversations with promoters that often left Michael in tears.

Apparently after one tense discussion in particular, Michael told Prince, “They’re going to kill me”.

AEG denies they hired Conrad Murray and the corporation will not assume responsibility for Michael’s death.

But Prince testified he saw AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips at his home just days before Michael died. Apparently Randy got into a fierce row with Conrad at the family’s rented mansion and the executive “looked aggressive” as he grabbed the physician’s elbow.

Prince’s sister and Michael’s daughter Paris tried to commit suicide earlier this month by cutting herself and allegedly swallowing 20 tablets of Ibuprofen. She is currently recovering in hospital.

Apparently the Jacksons remain engaged in an ongoing feud about Michael’s estate.

The King of Pop's siblings Janet, Rebbie and Randy demanded last year the executors of their brother's estate resign amid claims his 2002 will was a fake.

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