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Prince Jackson ‘vowed to help’ suicidal sister

Prince Jackson reportedly “stepped up” to support his sister Paris following her suicide attempt this week after they drifted apart due to Paris’ relationship with their biological mother.

Paris, 15, was admitted to hospital after reportedly swallowing up to 20 ibuprofen tablets and cutting her wrists with a meat cleaver.

Apparently the teenager was compelled to take her own life because she feels so empty and alone without her late father Michael Jackson around to care for her. It is rumoured she was pushed over the edge after she wasn’t allowed to go to a Marilyn Manson concert in her area.

Recently Paris has struck up a relationship with her formerly estranged biological mother Debbie Rowe.

The friendship with her mom is said to have put a wedge between Paris and her brother Prince.

Despite this Prince has made it clear he will support Paris through these dark times.

“[They were] thick as thieves, [but] had a major falling out when Paris began to spend time with their biological mother, Debbie Rowe. Prince disagreed with Paris’ decision to do so and wanted nothing to do with Debbie, which Paris couldn’t understand,” an insider told Radar Online.

“Paris kept pushing Prince and they drifted apart. As Paris began to spend more time with Debbie, Prince was hanging out with his girlfriend.

“However, all of that changed after Paris’ suicide attempt. Prince stepped up, as he always does and told Paris how much he loves her in a phone call and vowed to help her in the aftermath of the suicide attempt. He visited her on Thursday.”

Prince won’t allow his sister to suffer in silence.

He will be there for her.

“[No matter] what Michael Jackson’s children face, they will always stick together,” the source said. “It is how their father raised them, and it’s what he would have wanted. Nothing or no one can break that bond, no matter who may try to do so.”

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