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Prince William given dagger gift

Britain's Duke of Cambridge was presented with a prized dagger as a tour gift.

When the royals carry out official travels on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II they are always handed lavish presents to welcome them.

A list published by St. James's Palace today names the entire range of freebies Prince William and his wife Catherine have picked up.

Among the items includes a special dagger given to William by the King of Malaysia.

The most popular gift for style icon Catherine seems to be clothes and accessories.

During the Diamond Jubilee Tour, the 31-year-old brunette was presented with six pairs of shoes, two handbags and traditional dress by the Queen of Malaysia.

As they travelled through Southeast Asia, the couple were presented with robes by the historic Raffles Hotel in Singapore. During their time in the country they were also gifted, among other things, jewellery, clothes, flowers and a child's drawing.

When they went to the Solomon Islands, William and Catherine received presents that ranged from a woven mat to a carved club.

William's brother Prince Harry has also been handed interesting items while on tour.

While spending time in Brazil, the party-loving prince was also gifted a personalised number plate reading HARRY. When he was in Jamaica, the red-haired royal received rum, a mask and books, among other things.

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall have received gifts ranging from CDs to a bottle of wine.

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