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Prosecutors want Lohan to ‘face the music’

Prosecutors in the case against Lindsay Lohan for allegedly lying to police officers about her June 8 car crash apparently will do everything in their power to ensure she gets sentenced ASAP.

The 26-year-old was indicted for reckless driving, obstructing or resisting a police officer in the performance of his duty and giving false information to authorities following a car crash on June 8 of last year.

She told police that her assistant Gavin Doyle was driving her rented Porsche at the time of the accident, but he refutes these claims and says Lindsay was behind the wheel.

Lindsay fired her highly lauded lawyer Shawn Holley and replaced her with Mark Heller.

Mark filed legal documents asking to delay Lindsay’s March 18 trial.

Prosecutors are not willing to linger on the matter.

“The City Attorney’s Office will fight any attempt by Lindsay’s legal team to postpone the trial in which she is charged with lying to cops. This is a very straightforward case, the charges are misdemeanours, and all discovery has been turned over in a very timely manner to Mark Heller,” a law enforcement insider told Radar Online.

“This is just yet another move by Lindsay’s camp to milk the legal system to her advantage. The courts are over burdened and the prosecutor is hopeful that the judge won’t grant the continuance, it’s time for Lindsay to face the music.”

She faces 245 days in jail and her jewellery theft probation on a previous case has already been revoked.

Apparently Lindsay is unhappy with her current lawyer Mark. In the past his legal licence was suspended for five years.

The website reports that he submitted a “rambling” motion to the court.

“Lindsay Lohan has made a commitment to herself to elevate her life and participate in activities which will advance her desire to lead a model life…” the documents read.

“And place this case on a slow track so that Lindsay Lohan, during the pendency of this case, can demonstrate her worthiness for compassion and mercy by using her present and furture actions to set a glorious example of how a collaborative, constructive and creative case strategy formulated by the Defence counsel, the Prosecutors, and the Judicial System all working together can benefit and elevate a Defendant and Society, as outlined in my February 4, 2013 letter.”

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