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Protective friend Allison Williams

Allison Williams is a relaxed girlfriend, unless she senses "danger or damage".

The actress rose to fame on Lena Dunham's hit show Girls, where she plays uptight Marnie Michaels.

It's been lauded as one of the most realistic programmes on TV and follows the highs and lows of all the characters' relationships.

Often there's boyfriend-related drama and the 26-year-old would be quick to defend any pal who was having guy problems.

"I'm pretty laissez-faire unless I sense real danger or damage," she told British InStyle magazine when asked what kind of a girlfriend she is in real life.

"If my friend was dating someone who was unkind to her I'd tell her straight away... and then I'd yell at him."

Girls is brutally honest, with Lena's writing incorporating everything from sex to obsessive compulsive disorder.

While the show has been heaped with praise by many, there are others not as taken with it.

"It was like a tidal wave, and I knew at some point that it would all have to come washing back the other way, that there was going to be an equal and opposite reaction," Allison reasoned.

"My rule is always, 'If this isn't bugging Lena then it's fine with me,' but I'm very protective; it's in my wiring. She felt terrible that people found offence in it but it didn't upset her."

The star has made many A-list friends since becoming famous, including singer Katy Perry.

She meets Katy for lunch whenever their schedules allow and admires the 29-year-old for dealing with life in the public eye so well.

"At the moment she's based everywhere - the world!" Allison marvelled.

"Talk about someone who wears it lightly. She's the most followed person on Twitter in the world and still somehow has time to ask me, 'So how did this photoshoot go?'"

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