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Monday 1 September 2014

'Proud' Chris Moyles bids farewell

Chris Moyles said his final show felt like 'some weird victory'

DJ Chris Moyles has said goodbye to the Radio 1 breakfast show.

The broadcaster, who has hosted the show for more than eight years, got behind the microphone for the last time on Friday (September 14) before he hands over to Nick Grimshaw.

He told listeners the final show felt like "some weird victory" after "all the flak we've taken". He said: "We just got through all of it and here we all are celebrating us and I'm really proud."

The broadcast featured a video message from Jamie Oliver, who also sent a cook from one of his restaurants to make breakfast for Chris and his team. There was also a video message from McFly who recorded a special version of their hit Star Girl with the lyrics changed to refer to Chris and the show.

The DJ thanked listeners who he said were "awesome" and admitted he was happy just to "get here without being frog-marched out of the building" before playing Dry Your Eyes by The Streets. Chris said: "Thank you for listening, thanks for supporting us and with a risk of sounding ridiculously cheesy, thanks for making all our dreams come true."

The show ended with the whole team singing along to their goodbye jingle.

The BBC is still to announce what Chris will do next for the station, and he's not expected to be back until next year. He still has a year to run on his contract with Radio 1, but in the short term he will be taking a role in a newly revamped production of Jesus Christ Superstar, playing King Herod. He is also releasing a second album of parody songs and touring a series of venues in November.

A Radio 1 spokesman said: "Chris is taking a break from Radio 1 as he has a number of other projects coming up over the next few months. We are in discussions with him about future opportunities at Radio 1 for the new year."

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