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Proud feminist Ray Winstone

Ray Winstone sometimes thinks his acting skills have got worse and needs exciting projects to feel creative.

The star is one of Britain’s leading hard man actors and is known for his gritty roles. However, when he’s away from the camera, Ray sees himself in a much gentler light.

“In a lot of ways I would say I’m a feminist. Then again, on the other side of it, I’ve got old values. A bit schizophrenic there, I guess,” Ray laughed to the British edition of Esquire magazine. “I’m surrounded by women: I’ve got three daughters and a wife and a mother-in-law; I’ve got two pigs at home — big ’uns — and even they’re girls.”

Ray has successfully made the transition from British actor to Hollywood star thanks to movies like Noah, The Departed and Hugo.

He can next be seen in the Point Break remake; although he’s still upset he never made the cut for a Shakespearian production.

“When King Lear is done right it’s a blinder. I thought about playing Lear a few years ago but something else was happening and I never did it. Then Tim Roth was going to make a film and I was going to be Lear in that but someone else got involved and they wanted Christopher Walken instead. So I got slammed to the side slightly. For Christopher Walken. OK. Sweet,” he smiled.

While he took the rejection on the chin, it did little to ease his career concerns.

Proving he’s not immune to moments of doubt, the 57-year-old admits he often questions his acting abilities.

“Sometimes I think I’ve got worse as an actor. What happens is you’re working in some great stuff and then, all of a sudden, you’re doing certain films that come along and they ain’t so great and you lose interest. You need something good to come along to get your juices going again,” he explained.

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