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Psy: I don’t have YouTube obsession

Psy doesn’t check YouTube obsessively even though he has garnered nearly two billion views for his singles Gangnam Style and Gentleman.

The South Korean star earned the Guinness World Record for the most watched YouTube video ever with his single Gangnam Style.

Psy released his follow-up single Gentleman in April. The combined views for the promos of both tracks on the video-sharing site have reached nearly two billion.

Although he is very aware of his huge international success, Psy chooses not to become caught up with statistics.

“Well sometimes yes [I check my views] sometimes no,” he told BBC News.

“Right after releasing [my singles] I’m checking for honestly [a] couple weeks, like, ‘Oh, oh, oh,’ and then after that I’m moving on to other things.”

In the past year Psy’s career has exploded.

He has been on the move since Gangnam Style hit airwaves last July and hasn’t had time to allow his achievements to sink in.

“Unfortunately [my success has not yet registered] because you know I didn’t have any chance to take a rest,” Psy explained.

“Hopefully Gentleman’s promotion is done by June so July and August I can fulfil [on relaxation] for the first time.”

The star has the opportunity to collaborate with a number of A-list musicians.

Although he is rumoured to be working on a track with Beyoncé Knowles in the future, Psy isn’t sure whether or not that will happen.

“That’s gonna be more than an honour, but I don’t know because I sometimes parody her [performances] such as Single Ladies, but that’s just for fun, [it’s] not beautiful like hers. My dancing, female dance, is kind of nasty,” he laughed.

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