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Puff Daddy's model night out

Puff Daddy has remembered a wild night spent up the Eiffel Tower with Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss.

The rapper is well known for throwing legendary parties which often go on until the early hours of the morning. He also has a wide circle of friends having been in the industry for decades, but that doesn't mean all his extravagances have become second nature. There are certain things which still stop the star in his tracks, such as partying with the most beautiful women in the world.

"Sometimes I’ll be in the studio until 3am - or I'll be out in Paris at the fashion shows and, you know, just hanging out until morning with Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss. Those times are always surreal," he told Into The Gloss. "I remember a time - I had just done a photo shoot for Vogue, and afterward Kate, Naomi, and I just went out and did something a little touristy and cliché. We went and had champagne at the Eiffel Tower… someone had brought music, and we had a little party up there, just the three of us. Oh no - Lenny Kravitz was there, too. Oh, what a night…"

The comment came as Puff was discussing how he usually spends his days. The 45-year-old star is father to six children, but even though several of them are still under ten they don't curb his lifestyle too much. In fact, while other parents find themselves up at the crack of dawn to care for their kids, Puff usually manages to sleep during the afternoon.

"I’m definitely a night person. I’ll take a nap in the afternoon, which you’ve got to do if you start your day at 9pm," he reasoned. "Then I’ll drink some coffee to amp me up or take a really long shower and then air dry."

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