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Saturday 19 April 2014

Pushy mother Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek has joked that she pushed kids out of the way to get candy from a piñata for her daughter.

The Hollywood actress has five-year-old daughter Valentina with her husband François-Henri Pinault. Although Salma tries to be a relaxed parent, her maternal instinct sometimes goes into overdrive.

"I make an effort to be laidback and often I think of myself as giving her the space to do things and then I catch myself doing things," she laughed during an interview with UK TV show Lorraine. "Like in Paris, we had a birthday party with a piñata with a friend who has older kids but they are Mexican. They were boys and they were older, and she was really concerned was she going to be able to take a candy when the piñata broke? And I said, 'Don't worry,' and when the piñata broke and all the kids went there and she couldn't get in, I rushed in there and I [sticks out her elbows] was pushing to get candy for her. And I caught myself and I thought, 'My god I have turned into one of those moms.' Then I discreetly moved away and took a couple of candies so I wasn't empty-handed."

Salma went on to reveal that Valentina is already showing signs of following her mother into the entertainment industry. The 46-year-old beauty says her daughter is a natural performer and has been inspired by the recent London Olympic Games.

"Oh yes, absolutely," Salma replied when asked if Valentina might grow up to be an actress. "Right now she is into gymnastics because of the Olympics. It's amazing how she can point her toes, she is like a little bird or something. She is doing it all day. Oh I remember those days, every time I can't do it I remember there was a time when I could."

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