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Queen Elizabeth wants royal baby soon

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II has joked she wants the royal baby to make an appearance before she jets off on holiday.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting the arrival of their little one any day now.

Reporters are eagerly camping outside the hospital where Catherine and Prince William are due to have their baby and the child's grandmother is just as keen to meet the tot.

During a public engagement in Cumbria, England, today the queen was asked if she would prefer a boy or a girl.

"I don't think I mind," she jovially responded, as people laughed.

"I'd very much like it to arrive — I'm going on holiday!"

Someone who's not in quite such high spirits is apparently the royal mother-to-be.

As anticipation for the birth grows, Catherine is reportedly feeling increasingly stressed that she won't live up to people's expectations of how she should be as a mother.

"Nobody seems to appreciate the massive pressure Kate is under," a royal insider told the latest edition of UK magazine Look. "She always presents this perfect front to the world, and people seem to think it comes easy to her, but trust me, it doesn't. Absolutely everyone is watching her now to see how she gets on as a new mum. Kate's been having a bit of a freak out. What if she doesn't measure up? She's obviously terrified about letting everyone down."

Adding to Catherine's tension is the worry she'll be compared to William's late mother Princess Diana. The 31-year-old has already been likened to the hugely popular British royal, and this is expected to grow when she becomes a mother herself.

"Everyone knows Princess Di was this amazing, doting mum, who gave everything to her two sons to make sure they were happy and had normal lives," the insider continued.

"Of course Kate is worried she won't live up to that. And then there's her own superhero mum, [Carole Middleton] who filled her childhood with everything anyone could hope for."

Meanwhile the number of photographers waiting outside St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, London, is growing by the day.

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