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Queen Latifah: I can't compete with Field

Queen Latifah is "tuned-up" to making the new adaptation of Steel Magnolias "very special in a Queen Latifah way".

The singer-and-actress is starring in the remake of the popular 1989 comedy-drama which chronicles the lives and friendship of six women. Latifah plays the role of M'Lynn Eatenton in the contemporary version which is set in Louisiana. The part was originally played by Sally Field, and the star says she is anxious to do justice to the famed scene where her character lets loose at a cemetery.

"I'm a little nervous - in a good way, though," she told ET Online in a behind-the-scenes video.

"I'm just tuned-up to make it very special in a 'Queen Latifah' way. Sally Field is the best 'Sally Field' there is on the planet Earth...There's no one that's going to recreate that scene exactly the way she did it. It was just impeccable."

Latifah's onscreen daughter is played by Condola Rashad, and the pair are also joined by Condola's real-life mother Phylicia Rashad.

The star is grateful for Phylicia's mothering tips.

"Playing [Condola's] mom, I get to go straight to her real mom and find out a couple special things about their relationship that I think have been able to connect us that we'll be able to use in the film," she said. "I'm actually getting the hook-up. I got a freebie having [Phylicia] here."

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