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Quincy Jones honours mentor

Quincy Jones has spoken about his documentary on the life of Clark Terry, who worked with music legends like Miles Davis in the past.

The 81-year-old Grammy-winner memorialised the jazz musician’s legacy in forthcoming feature, Keep On Keepin’ On.

Clark, who is now 93 years old, worked with legends like Miles Davis in the past.

“I was his first student at 13,” Quincy recalled to Page Six. “He became my mentor. We have 450 hours on him, which Harvey Weinstein cut to 80 minutes. Runs like a feature film. It’s a five-year trip done with jazz great Al Hicks, who’s now a first-time filmmaker exploring trumpeter Terry’s life.”

Clark was the first African-American musician to appear on The Tonight Show and he also worked with Count Basie and Duke Ellington.

Quincy thinks it’s essential people the world over here about the amazing feats he’s achieved in life.

“What we need is a minister of culture to preserve jazz and blues. We’re the antithesis of Beethoven. Our music came from animals. From African life sources. Workers rites, circumcision rites. That’s where music began,” Quincy explained.

“All these kids today do it for money. Those bitches and ho’s are making millions. It’s me who helped bring them, my new brothers, into the business. God walks out of the room if you’re doing it for money. Never pimp the hood.

“And this documentary, which is called Keep On Keepin’ On, opens October 3. I won’t say it could get an Oscar, I don’t want to jinx it, but it’s already gotten several awards at Tribeca and Seattle.”

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