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R. Kelly 'ready for press'

R. Kelly desires for his fans to "know him personally."

The 45-year-old R&B singer reveals his most intimate experiences in his new memoir Soulacoaster: The Diary of Me.

R. Kelly claims that he is now comfortable with sharing his secrets with the world.

"Well, no better time than now," he told MTV News. "Everybody knows me musically and R. Kelly writes songs and I've done the award shows and everything, [but] I felt it was time for them to know me personally, you know?

"I'm a guy that spends a lot of time in the studio... and I just never really in my career, during my whole career, got into doing a lot of press. I'm ready to do it now."

Until now, R. Kelly admits that he only expressed his true sentiments in his music.

"The collapse of my marriage [with Andrea Kelly in 2009] happened during the same seven-year period when the court case against me was building while, in reaction, my creative life was boiling," he wrote in the book.

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