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Rachel Hunter: The kids have Rod's dress sense

Rachel Hunter loves that her children have her ex-husband Rod Stewart's sense of humor.

The 45-year-old model was married to the British singer between 1990 and 1999 and they have two grown-up children together. Despite their split the pair worked hard to stay on good terms, and Rachel always enjoyed seeing each of their traits in their kids.

"They're a real mixture. They've both got Rod's sense of humour - he was always really funny. And Liam turned up one day with a jacket and a shirt - polka dots and stripes, mishmash or different things. I said, 'You definitely take after your dad with your dress sense,'" she giggled to British magazine Hello!

In his autobiography, Rod spoke of how upset he was when Rachel ended things, and in a TV interview he admitted he fell apart because no one had ever left him before. He didn't know how to cope and that is something his ex finds upsetting, which is why she's never read his book.

"Who knows? He's a great guy and we have two amazing kids," she said, when asked if she thinks the marriage could have worked out. "It's all good between us. We kept things amicable. All of the kids are very much brothers and sisters - there's no half -this and half-that, they're full siblings and I'm close to all of Rod's kids. I was just up at [Rod's daughter] Kimberly's house the other night having dinner. Little Delilah [her toddler] is adorable."

Rachel worked hard to ensure her children didn't suffer during or after the split and she is pleased she and Rod managed to make their relationship work after divorce. However, dealing with her kids leaving home wasn't quite so easy.

"I was also happy that they were following their own passions," Rachel explained, after admitting it was a hard period. "When Renee moved to London, I thought, 'Goddamn it, the one thing I could have got when I was married to Rod was a British passport and I didn't.' When I go to the UK now, I get questioned and I'm thinking, 'I gave birth here twice. Can you just let me in?'"

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