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Rachel Weisz talks women's rights

Rachel Weisz fumes that there are still places in the world that deny women their basic rights.

The brunette actress has been reflecting on the many problems women are still faced with after playing the role of a strong female in new feature Regina.

Rachel takes on the voice of title character Regina Jonas, the world's first female Rabbi who was killed at the hands of the Nazis during World War II. Far from learning from history, the Oscar-winning actress says the world continues to make the same mistakes.

"There are so many places in the world where women can't do what should be their natural right to do. It's not something that dies out in the 1940s. If I turn on the news today, there are girls in Nigeria being told they shouldn't be educated," she fumed to British newspaper Metro.

Regina was produced by Rachel's father George, which marks his debut in film. The film has a documentary style element to it, with archive footage used throughout. It was a project close to both of their hearts, as 44-year-old Rachel is the daughter of European immigrants who fled to England before the war.

"Regina's very lost and forgotten. And it makes you wonder: how many other women have done something extraordinary and we don't know about them?" Rachel mused.

Clearly proud of his daughter, George enthused that Rachel feels her acting serves a purpose. Although flattered by her father's comments, Rachel laughs that when it comes to movie roles she's happy to accept trivial ones as well more serious parts.

"Oh Lord. I have no idea what he's talking about. He's my dad being very nice. You know, that's a silly thing for him to say," she smiled.

"I'm not a snob about film or theatre. I'm not on any kind of crusade with my work. Story-making is just a really beautiful part of being human. But I wouldn't call it changing the world. I'm really just a storyteller."

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