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Radcliffe embracing body hair

Daniel Radcliffe has learned to embrace his hairy bottom.

The British actor has bared all several times during his career, including in stage show Equus and upcoming film Kill Your Darlings.

When he stripped off for the first time Daniel remembers how nervous he was about people seeing his body. However, after experimenting with hair removal he has now decided natural is better.

"I was having this conversation with someone earlier. We were talking about the time when I first did Equus and I was very self-conscious about a**e hair, so I made the ill-fated decision to have it removed via a process called sugaring," he recalled to Empire magazine when asked how hairy his behind is on a scale of one to ten.

"[It was] f**king painful. I had it done once, and I no longer care about my hairy a**e! But it's not as bad as you'd think. I'm probably only a six on the a**e."

Daniel found fame after landing the titular role in the Harry Potter movies. Despite now being well off the 24-year-old star still lives a modest life and is happy to make do with what little money he has on him when out shopping.

"If I've only got ten quid on me, yes I do. I did the other day," he laughed after being quizzed on whether he looks at prices before buying things.

"It was like the reverse of Supermarket Sweep, where I had to see how little I could buy with this money. The tragedy of my life at the moment is that Tesco seem to have stopped doing their own-brand chocolate spread. It's better than Nutella, man."

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