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Radcliffe giggles at sex scenes

Daniel Radcliffe always manages to see the funny side after filming an intimate scene.

The British actor has starred in more grown-up features since leaving behind wizard franchise Harry Potter.

One of these is his new film Kill Your Darlings, which sees Daniel take part in a gay love scene and sharing a kiss with his male co-star Dane DeHaan. Having bared all aged 17 for the play Equus, the 24-year-old star isn't fazed by his intimate scenes.

"We shot it so fast. We only had an hour to shoot the whole scene. Because the whole film was shot so quickly, there wasn't any time to get nervous or worried," Daniel recalled about the clip to website "You just go for it! In both that scene and the sex scene I had in the movie Horns, with Juno Temple, most of the time off-camera was spent laughing. It was not particularly stressful. It was funnier more than anything else."

Daniel has made a great name for himself since breaking into the movie industry. However when it comes to enjoying his wealth, the only things he ever spends money on are books.

"I don't go around spending my money all over the place," Daniel laughed during the interview. "I'm slightly compulsive when I go into book shops. I will come out with a huge stack of books. Other than that, it's really limited. I work all the time."

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