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Radcliffe: I’m not that nice

Daniel Radcliffe thinks it’s “disgusting” when actors don’t know the names of people on their film crew.

The Harry Potter actor has become one of the biggest names of his generation. With that comes a lot of attention on his personal life and his attitude, with it regularly being commented on that he is so “nice”. But the 25-year-old thinks people only say this because they have an altogether different expectation as to what he will be like.

“It’s almost one of those things where I get tired – no, I don’t get tired of hearing how nice I am – but like, I don’t think I am that nice,” he laughed to Just Jared.

“Not that I think I’m a horrible person, but the only reason it gets remarked upon is because of what people expect me to be like. Here’s the thing, anything I do is measured against the expectation that people have of me that I will be a d**k.”

The British star was praised earlier this year by the director of his film What If for learning all the names of the crew before setting foot on the set. But Daniel thinks it’s something that is a lot more common than the public realise.

“So when I’m not a d**k, it gets mentioned more than it will for other people when they’re being just normal, polite human beings. I think that’s what it is with me,” he explained. “There are a lot of actors who don’t learn people’s names, but I think that’s f**king – pardon me – I think that’s disgusting. I’ve always found that horrible when people don’t bother to learn names of people you’re going to be working with for a while.”

The Horns actor adds that he’s not perfect, and has found himself in situations where he doesn’t know a person and it’s too late to ask.

“I still find myself in that situation often, but just make an effort and know the people you’re working with,” he said.

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