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Radcliffe ‘ready for next level’

Daniel Radcliffe is taking steps to rid himself entirely of his Harry Potter image.

The 24-year-old British actor rose to fame starring as Harry Potter in the movie franchise based on J.K. Rowling’s children’s fantasy novels.

He wants to rid himself of the Potter image entirely, according to Tokyo Vice director Anthony Mandler.

"I think he's absolutely ready to go to the next level," Anthony told MTV News.

"We sat down a couple of times and had some incredible meetings. His take on the work and on the book is right in line with mine, and I think it's all about the next phase after Mr Potter."

Since the final instalment of the Harry Potter franchise was released in 2011, Daniel has taken on mature roles in films like Kill Your Darlings, Horns and The F Word.

According to helmer Anthony, Tokyo Vice will see Daniel dealing with the Japanese gangster underworld.

"It's written by Jake Adelstein. It takes place in Tokyo,” Anthony detailed.

“It's about an American that becomes a reporter at the Tokyo Times, and he breaks an incredible story about the Yakuza and about the reality of what it means to do that in regards to his safety and his life and whether it's actually worth it to bring the world that truth. It's very much like a '70s kind of thriller.”

Daniel has commented on his professional transformation previously.

Although the star has high hopes for his future career, he knows he won’t be depicting a buff superhero anytime soon.

“I am never going to be cast to play a Bruce Willis character in Die Hard,” he recently told British newspaper The Sun.

“I would make a much better villain than Bond – I am not nearly strapping enough to play Bond.”

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