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Radcliffe romance tips

Daniel Radcliffe doesn't find love "fun" and thinks the key to a steady relationship is laughter.

The British actor plays a man struggling to figure out his relationship with a female friend in upcoming romantic comedy The F Word.

He doesn't think romance is as easy and enjoyable as people make it seem and for him humour is the key to a steady relationship.

"Love is not fun. It might be for some people. It's much more fun if you're enjoying the person's company that you're with," he said to at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival premiere of the movie. "If I'm laughing, that's usually a good sign."

Daniel thinks both genders can easily be friends without any complications, despite the subject matter of his movie. He is keeping an open mind when it comes to his girl pals though.

"Can men and women be friends? Absolutely. Do I have female friends? Yes. Have I slept with them all? No, not yet," he joked.

As well as being sure about what he wants, Daniel also knows what to avoid when it comes to love. When asked whether he would ever date a fan, the heartthrob shook his head.

"That would be weird. I think that would be weird of me, to do that," he insisted.

Daniel, 24, enjoyed playing Wallace in the film. Unlike his other projects he found he was able to relate to his alter ego and give a personalised touch to the part.

"This is the first time that I've been allowed to let more of my personality show through in a character," he said.

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