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Rafe Spall threatens kids with cops

Rafe Spall got over a raging hangover by performing a matinee performance of his Broadway show.

The British actor is getting ready to finish off a mammoth year which has seen him star alongside Daniel Radcliffe in What If and Jim Broadbent in Get Santa.

Despite his movie star status, Rafe isn't immune from misbehaving children and he frequently has to bend the truth when it comes to his and wife Elize du Toit's tots Lena and Rex.

"[The last time I...] lied to my two kids was 15 times a day, every day, for the last three years. 'If you don’t stop doing that I’m going to call the police.' It works," he laughed to the British edition of Esquire magazine.

For the article 31-year-old Rafe drew up a list of the last time he'd done certain things. This included recalling when he acted with his dad Timothy and when he was in a sports car.

When asked about his partying habits, Rafe can vividly remember the last hangover he had.

"[The last time I] had a hangover was on the penultimate night of Betrayal, on Broadway last year [with Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz]. I drank ten martinis and finished with a bottle of champagne and had the sort of hangover where you can’t move, speak or blink. I had to go and shout Betrayal to 1,200 people twice – there was a matinee. That’s a hangover cure," he smiled.

He also wasn't shy when it came to talking about his workout regime. Admitting he's not much of a gym bunny, Rafe doesn't think there's anything wrong with giving in to temptation now and again.

"[The last time I] did a press-up was maybe a month ago. Pretty shameful, but f**k it," he confessed. "I tend to do three months’ intense exercise and three months of nothing. You go to the gym six times a week and eat really well and then one day you just go, 'Christ this is boring. I just want to have a lasagne.'"

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