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Rashida Jones: I’m fine with failure

Rashida Jones describes her gadgets as "beautifully designed, entertaining handcuffs" which distract her.

The American actress has plenty of achievements under her belt, from roles in movies such as Cuban Fury and TV show Parks and Recreation, to countless charity work.

She has also dabbled in writing and has been tasked with penning the upcoming Toy Story 4, a big ask of the 39-year-old. Luckily, she is happy to take any mishaps in her stride.

"The other thing I’m working on is being willing to accept failure, whether it’s a failure to get a TV show made or a failure to reply to a midnight email. Failure and risk are inherent parts of any real work. But there’s a lot of fear of failing," she sighed to Wired magazine. "Even though my instinct is to feel the shame associated with failure, I am finding ways to be OK with failing and being imperfect. I have to say, 'F**k it.' I mean, the most creative, most successful people fail all the time."

She also explained that while she always tries to "kill it" with her work, she understands that perfection is unattainable.

In this day and age there are gadgets and apps to help people go about their daily lives. Rashida isn't interested in using them though, insisting that she is done with "pretending" that technology makes things easier. If anything, the brunette beauty feels as though they waste time more than anything.

"My computer and my phone sometimes feel like beautifully designed, entertaining handcuffs," she said.

"I’m partly to blame. I get distracted. I’m in the middle of an email - a work email - and suddenly I’m online looking at a Pinterest board of remodelled farmhouses or an article on Hillary [Clinton, who is running for President of America] 2016 or a video on Funny or Die, none of which is getting me any closer to replying to hundreds of unanswered emails or finishing a draft for a deadline that has come and gone."

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