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Ray Winstone: Humans are brutal

Ray Winstone believes boxing teaches people respect.

The 57-year-old actor has starred in an array of hits over the years, including Sexy Beast and Hugo.

He’s seen a lot change in the world over the years, but Ray still finds himself surprised at the antics of some individuals.

"Sometimes you look at the human race and you think they’re more barbaric than they’ve ever been," he sighed to the British edition of Esquire. "You try to teach your children that there is something better. Actually, your children teach you."

Ray, who is a father to three daughters with wife Elaine, has somewhat of a tough guy reputation when it comes to film but in real life he steers clear of any confrontation. That's not to say he isn't prepared if it finds him though.

"If you're not handy and someone picks on you there's not a lot you can do. There are a lot of bullies out there," he noted. "Kick 'em in the nuts or pick up a chair. Through boxing, you smell trouble and learn not to get into situations. You know what's coming so you can steer clear of it... if you want to."

He holds a special place in his heart for the sport he speaks of. Ray has been a fan of the fighting style since he was a boy and won 80 out of the 88 bouts he was involved with.

"Boxing teaches you respect, not just for your opponent but for other people. Hopefully you get that respect back," he explained. "I boxed for England a couple of times as a boy. I remember the first match I had as a senior; the guy I was fighting has hair legs and tattoos. I was only a kid. It's a different game."

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