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Ray Winstone: I don't need stardom

Ray Winstone has never felt the need to be “somebody”.

The 57-year-old British actor has been nominated for two BAFTAs in the past and is currently starring alongside Russell Crowe and Emma Watson in Noah. Despite rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous for work, Ray has no interest in spending time with other stars off the film set.

“I’ve never wanted to be an A-lister, or go to parties with Brad Pitt, or live in the Caribbean, or any of that,” he admitted to British newspaper The Telegraph. “Nor do I intend to carry on forever. I see actors who are very wealthy and who never stop working and I think, ‘Why do you do it?’ I suppose it’s because they either like it, or because they need to be somebody. But I’ve never felt the need to be somebody.”

The actor is known for his tough exterior and has often been told he’s quite intimidating in person. His wife Elaine may be able to see the real him, but Ray admits it can be difficult to make connections when he meets someone new.

“My wife said to me once, ‘What’s the matter with you? When you walk into a room, you look as if you’re going to kill somebody.’ I told her, ‘Well, everyone is talking to each other – no one seems to talk to me.’ She said, ‘That’s because you’re unapproachable,’” he revealed.

“I suppose that must be how I come over. But I’m not unapproachable! At least I hope I’m not. I may give the impression of not caring what anyone thinks of me, but that’s not the case either. I don’t want people to dislike me and I don’t want to upset people. Maybe it’s a bit of a defence mechanism, you know – the unapproachability.”

Despite his fear of being hard to get along with, Ray says he bonded with Noah co-star Russell “fine”. He added that the end result of the biblical film is “amazing” and that the Ark was incredibly realistic.

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