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Ray Winstone: I'm no beauty

Ray Winstone is glad he made it in Hollywood before looks dominated the industry as he's not "the fittest or most beautiful man".

The actor is promoting his new movie Snow White and the Huntsman at the moment and has been quizzed on whether movie bosses are as obsessed with appearances as many claim.

Ray thinks looking good has become more important if you want to be a star as time has progressed.

"Yeah, basically, it is," he replied, when asked if Hollywood is image obsessed. "I'm very lucky because I wouldn't categorise myself as being the fittest or most beautiful man in the world but I've kind of got through it a little bit. You see films now and a lot of it is to do with the look of someone. I will say, having said that, a lot of these people do look good now but they really can act. There's some great stars out there who can really do the business."

This weekend is Britain's Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee, making her 60th year on the throne. There are many celebrations planned in the UK and on Sunday the queen will take part in a flotilla featuring 1,000 boats travelling down the River Thames, which runs through London.

Ray and his family had planned to watch it, although he's not sure that will happen now.

"I think it's a great thing. I'm going to go to a restaurant on the river - there're 30 of us all family and kids and we're going to go there and look at the river. In fact I think we've got it wrong because they're coming from the other direction," he laughed to UK TV show Daybreak.

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