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Ray Winstone: I'm no heartthrob

Ray Winstone and his wife never sulk after an argument.

The 57-year-old actor is best known for his gritty roles in movies such as Cold Mountain and The Departed. But, having been married to his wife Elaine since 1979, Ray hasn't gained a reputation for being a womaniser - as much as he would have liked the title.

"Certain girls you're shy of. There's always one. I was never a Don Juan [a fictional character who wins the heart of females]. I'd loved to have been but it just wasn't me," he smiled to the British edition of Esquire. "For a little while I had a way of looking at a girl and then looking away at a certain point. You get you techniques and that seemed to work for me."

The couple are parents to daughters Lois, Jaime and Ellie, with the first two also in the world of showbiz. And it seems Ray and his wife have things sorted when they do suffer the occasional slip up.

"What's the secret to a happy marriage? Very rarely go home," he chuckled. "No, we've had our moments - we have words - but there's no sulking. You have a row, you say your piece and that's it. Done and dusted."

Along with his wife, Ray's mother was a prominent woman in his life. She died of cancer around 28 years ago and it was a moment which changed the star forever, especially when it came to how he led his life.

"I suddenly realised that I had to grow up because I didn't have my mum there anymore. It seems that it is pain and bereavement that takes your youth away and turns you into... not the finished product... but it certainly puts you on the road to becoming an adult," he explained. "I wish my mum could have seen my kids grow up, and my sister's kids. They've missed not knowing her. That would have been the icing on the cake. But you can't have everything."

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