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Rebecca Adlington likens Jump injury to child birth

Rebecca Adlington has described how painful the injury she suffered on The Jump was.

Rebecca Adlington has described her The Jump injury as more painful than childbirth.

The Olympic champion swimmer is one of the stars competing on the new reality TV show, which sees celebrities attempt to master the art of several winter sports - including skiing, bobsleigh and speed skating. Her future on the programme is now being questioned though, after she suffered a dislocated shoulder following an accident when she was attempting a 100 metre ski jump at around 30 miles per hour.

"What people didn’t see in the edited footage is that I was lying there with a dislocated shoulder for 40 minutes," she explained on the show, where she was wearing a sling. "It was worse than childbirth and it’s still horrible now because people keep knocking my arm."

Rebecca's accident happened when she lost control on the jump, meaning her legs weren't where they needed to be in order to land safely. She couldn't keep her balance, with onlookers apparently horrified by the ferocity of the incident.

"Rebecca's fall was incredibly nasty," one told Britain's Sun on Sunday. "One minute she was flying through the air, the next she was crumpled on the crash mat and clearly in a lot of pain."

A number of other participants have had problems on the slopes this year (16), with former EastEnders stars Louisa Lytton taken to hospital after a fall last week (ends29Jan16).

The Only Way Is Essex's James 'Arg' Argent also hut himself when he fell off a sledge while zooming around a track, while socialite Tamara Beckwith needed medical assistance when she hurt herself on the slopes too.

On top of that, the group's pre-recorded ski jumps had to be shown on Sunday's (31Jan16) of the show because bad weather meant it was too dangerous for them to do them live.

"Due to high winds it was decided that it was not safe for competitors to jump live," a spokesperson said. "The health and safety of the competitors is paramount. Contingency jumps were recorded earlier with all competitors and the result of the show was decided based on these."

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