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Rebecca Hall wept at Jackass

Rebecca Hall wants to hide behind the sofa when a film is "cringey".

Johnny Knoxville entertained viewers by taking on the role of an 86-year-old man who travels around America causing mayhem with his grandson in the release.

The pranks in the film are performed on real people and Iron Man 3 star Rebecca found it hard to contain herself while watching.

"Bad Grandpa," she answered Empire magazine, when asked about the last movie that made her cry with laughter.

"I saw it a couple of days ago and I did weep a little. Especially the bit where he's lying on that bed that he's trying to sell at a junk sale and it starts folding him in two... I thought I was gonna be sick I was laughing so hard.

"I did have the instinct to watch Bad Grandpa from behind the sofa... in a cringing sense. I know it's not scary."

Rebecca is the daughter of British theatre and film director Peter Hall. She grew up watching many movies and can still remember the one that inspired her to become an actress.

"When I was eight, nine, ten years old, I was obsessed with All About Eve," she recalled.

"It's a film about theatre people, so I suppose it inspired me to act. And I just thought Bette Davis was incredibly... cool [laughs]. I think it was something about her combination of larger-than-life campery and a raw humanity that doesn't have any vanity, really.

"That's what interested me about the film: the capacity to do great glamour and something that can be very ugly and very true at the same time."

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