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Rebecca Romijn: I’m an eager canvas

Rebecca Romijn says a love of body painting inspired her to host TV competition show Skin Wars.

The 42-year-old actress has been lathered in paint several times in the past for her role as Mystique in Marvel’s X-Men movies.

Rebecca is the host of reality TV body painting competition Skin Wars and she was happy to be done up as a tigress by season one winner Natalie Fletcher for a new promo.

"I was an eager canvas," Rebecca told ET Online. "I said, 'I want to get painted again!' It only took five hours. It used to take forever. The first time I was ever painted for Sports Illustrated took 12 hours. The first time they did my makeup test for X-Men was 12 hours."

The star’s makeup as Mystique was quite complex, as in addition to body paint she donned scaly prosthetics for the mutant character.

Although many people would absolutely hate to appear naked onscreen, Rebecca doesn’t mind donning nothing but body paint before the camera.

"It's a funny thing. When you're painted, you feel completely covered up," she explained. "You can really tell when you see our models and their body language that nobody feels naked, but they are. If nudity is your thing, we're your show."

Rebecca thinks a few of her loved ones are also open to exposing their bodies.

Her husband Jerry O’Connell recently photobombed a picture of the couple's twin daughters Dolly and Charlie while sporting nothing but a Speedo.

"Perfectly timed, Jerry O.," Rebecca laughed in recollection of the hilarious moment.

Skin Wars season two premieres on America’s Game Show Network this Wednesday June 10.

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