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Rebecca Romijn: My kids love airport toilets

Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell’s four-year-old twin daughters are enthusiastic about using the toilet in airports.

The actress has twins Charlie and Dollie with actor spouse husband Jerry O’Connell.

The four-year-old girls enjoy spending their time in airports and have made it their ritual to stop by restrooms while they are in the flight terminals.

“They love visiting airport bathrooms, which we all have to do together — three people in a bathroom is no joke,” Rebecca told People magazine. “They love going on the airplane so that’s all they really care about.”

The star is often on location in Vancouver, Canada to film King and Maxwell.

It means her family is constantly making trips to the region from Los Angeles, California.

“Everybody else thinks it’s hilarious and adorable when they visit. It just stresses the parents out relentlessly so they don’t come to set that often,” she admitted.

The 40-year-old star thinks it’s a positive move to have her youngsters travelling so frequently at an early age.

She and her partner don’t plan on ending their busy careers anytime soon so lots of trips are preparing their offspring for more of what’s to come.

“We figure that if we’re going to be doing this for awhile, we may as well break them in while they’re young,” she confessed. “They seem to be adapting pretty well to the whole thing.

“They’re going to start kindergarten soon [and] once they’re in real school I guess we’re going to have to pick a spot and stay there, but for now it’s working out.”

Rebecca is impressed her by her children’s caring attitude.

Apparently they have become very inquisitive and regularly ask their parents if they’re happy.

“Depending on how your day is going you answer that question a little bit differently to the point where you’re like, ‘Stop asking me that! That’s a totally annoying question!’” she joked. “If you have anything on your face besides a smile, they want to make sure you’re okay.”

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