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Rebel Wilson: I want an Oscar

Rebel Wilson thinks she has "good intuition".

The Pitch Perfect actress has steadily been building a name for herself in the movie business and will soon be seen in Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. But the Australian star is still hoping she can one day achieve the biggest honour of all.

"Weirdly, I have dreams that come true. You're like, wouldn't it be good if that happened and then it does," she explained to British newspaper Metro. "When I had malaria I had a hallucination dream that I won an Oscar. That hasn't come true yet but I'm hoping it will."

The 28-year-old suffers from recurring dreams and regularly has the vision of her teeth falling out. Rebel doesn't panic about the crazy images, but she does take telepathic powers a bit more seriously.

"My mum thinks our side of the family on the female side is slightly psychic, like they can tell when someone is going to call them," she confessed. "I wouldn't say I have psychic abilities but I think I had good intuition."

When Rebel isn't busy shooting or promoting a movie, she lives in Los Angeles with Little Britain comedian and actor Matt Lucas. While they can often be like ships passing in the night with their respective schedules, when they are home together they like to throw dinner parties.

"Just before I came over to London we had one with Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher and the guy who created Mad Men and Sarah Silverman," she revealed. "Matt is extremely sociable, much more so than me, and so he has so many friends. Boy George came round the other day and we did some singing."

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