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Redfoo: Merci, France for song inspiration!

Redfoo says Sexy and I Know It is about "hairy old men in a Speedo".

The 39-year-old star was part of LMFAO before going solo in 2013 but is happy to talk about the group's hits. One of the best known was Sexy and I Know It, with Redfoo discussing his take on people who believe they are attractive when really they aren't.

"That was my main inspiration for Sexy and I Know It; people who obviously think they are but by normal standards are not, like the hairy old men in a Speedo on the beach with huge bellies, sunglasses and a cigar. France really inspired Sexy and I Know It," he laughed to Big Issue.

LMFAO's name is an acronym used online, which means to laugh one's ass off. Redfoo was quizzed on whether that has every actually happened to him, and assured that it has.

"Metaphorically speaking of course," he giggled. "You always remember these laughing fits. The first time was listening to Eddie Murphy’s first stand-up album. I almost felt like I was suffocating."

While he likes to keep things light-hearted, the star isn't above talking about important issues. His father is Berry Gordy, who founded the Motown record label and signed the likes of Marvin Gaye, the Temptations, the Four Tops and Stevie Wonder.

For Redfoo, Motown is one of the most culturally important movements music has ever seen.

"The world would be more segregated," he replied, when asked what things would look like had the genre not existed. "Motown brought people together, people didn’t care if the artist was black, white, male, female or a kid – look at the Jackson 5! They just wanted to dance."

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