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Reed’s ‘endless possibilities’ with Somerhalder

Nikki Reed is elated about sharing a future with fiancé Ian Somerhalder.

The 26-year-old Twilight actress is currently engaged to The Vampire Diaries actor, having reportedly become betrothed in January after dating for just six months.

And Nikki is elated about spending the rest of her life with Ian.

"Honestly just the endless possibilities, you know? We have such an amazing future ahead of us and anything we put our minds to will become a reality," she told People magazine. "I'm just excited for all those possibilities."

Nikki and Ian are already building a family, as they care for four dogs, three cats and two horses together.

She is so happy Ian, 36, shares her passion for animals.

"I did a horse film about a year ago and I literally couldn't separate myself from two of the horses. They became like my family and I couldn't say goodbye," Reed noted. "I'm so lucky that Ian and I are on the same page with animals. We made [adopting the horses] happen together."

Nikki has loved the animal kingdom since childhood.

She credits her mother Cheryl with helping her develop such a strong connection with nature.

"From the time I was a little kid, she let us bring in any and everything that needed a home. We had baby coyotes and raccoons and squirrels, anything that needed to be dropper-fed," Nikki recalled. "And this was before the Internet, so it was my mom and I at 10 p.m. going to an emergency vet when we didn't have five dollars to our name, just to ask a vet tech what we should do."

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