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Reedus on Darryl’s ‘wild animal mode’

Norman Reedus has teased about how his zombie drama The Walking Dead is going to end this season.

The hit zombie apocalypse programme recently aired the 12th episode of its fifth season and during this instalment, group leader Rick Grimes managed to shave the hairy, dirty beard off his face.

But Norman isn’t sure his character on the show, Daryl Dixon, will be manicuring his facial hair anytime soon.

"I don’t know, come on get off my back," the actor laughed to ET Online when the interviewer suggested Daryl should bathe. "'Cut your hair, take a shower.' You know, I'm kind of in wild animal mode right now. I'm a dude, I like being filthy and covered in guts and blood."

Norman noted the rest of this season will be riddled with conflicts.

He thinks the pack of survivors are now fully embracing their primal nature.

“You take a bunch of wild animals and you put 'em in a cage -- no matter what it looks like -- it's very uncomfortable,” the star detailed.

Norman thinks fans are going to be at the edge of their seat up until the final 16th episode Conquer airs March 29.

He advises viewers to pay attention to every new character in the programme.

"The whole back half of our season is so good," Norman said. "There's something that's going to happen -- and I can't tell you what it is -- but somebody turns out to be not who you think they are, and it's an interesting turn of events."

The next episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead airs in the US on Sunday March 8.

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