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Reese Witherspoon: Swift is profound

Reese Witherspoon has called Taylor Swift a "profound" musician.

The actress claims the country singer is setting a great example to young girls because of her innocent image.

The Oscar-winner is amazed by the 22-year-old's talent and predicted big things for Taylor.

"I think [Swift is] just an exemplary young lady. It's kind of interesting to see what a profound songwriter she is," Reese told MTV. "I don't even think anyone has realised, the long term is going to be the bigger revelation. It's incredible how quickly she writes songs. We've hung out a couple of times; we live near each other in Nashville."

Reese also spoke about her 2011 MTV Movie Awards speech, during which she slammed young actresses for using their sexuality to further their career.

The blonde beauty takes feminism very seriously and believes there are other ways to achieve success.

The mother-of-two said doesn't want her own children to be influenced by today's overly-sexualised, trashy entertainment culture.

"Well, I have a 12-year-old daughter, and I take it all very seriously. I think there's not a lot of positive images out there for young women, honestly," she said. "I just feel like that you don't have to sell yourself short and objectify yourself in order to be popular or liked or loved. And there's many different ways to the watering hole and you can maintain you self-respect and still accomplish things. I don't watch certain reality shows but there's ones where people are doing cool, interesting things, like Project Runway. But I'm not into women hating on other women or hitting each other or beating the c**p out of each other to make money for a bunch of other people. I think that's not what I want my kids to see."

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