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Saturday 23 August 2014

Reggie: Jessie speaks her mind

Reggie Yates thinks women on TV get a much tougher time than men

Reggie Yates has defended The Voice judge Jessie J, but admitted her outspoken nature didn't charm everyone during the last series.

In an interview with Now magazine, the BBC singing show's presenter opened up about the flack the singer got for last year's show.

He said: "She's an outspoken character. I don't know if I'd call her a diva. I think she speaks her mind and isn't scared to say what she thinks in the moment. And in this day and age when everyone is so nicey nicey, that takes balls. That doesn't make her a bad person - it's just how she thinks."

Reggie was supportive of the Nobody's Perfect singer, saying of her work on The Voice: "Suddenly, not everyone loved what she was doing. It was a definite shift. But at the same time, as a friend of Jessie's, I'd never tell her to change and I'd never tell her to stop doing what she was doing. She's the same now as the girl I met when she was 17."

The 29-year-old also stuck up for his co-presenter Holly Willoughby and celebrity friend Fearne Cotton.

He said: "Women get a tougher time. As a guy, you're not judged on your make-up, your hair, your figure, your dress or the person you're dating. Before you even open your mouth as a woman, you're judged.

"It kills me to see the things that are written about Fearne and Holly. It kills me that many people believe they can look Holly in the eye and talk to her about her breasts. I think: 'How dare you?' It's not fair."

Reggie also talked about his relationship with model Tia Ward, 23.

Talking about the possibility of becoming a dad he said: "Obviously I want that. I think every man wants a legacy and the opportunity to do all the things that might not have been done right for you to someone else. But not until it's time.

:: The full interview is in Now, out today (Tuesday, March 26).

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