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Rene Russo: I wish I'd taken more risks

Rene Russo found Jake Gyllenhaal "charming" and "repulsive" in Nightcrawler.

The 60-year-old actress burst onto the scene in 80s TV show Sable and has had a steady line of work since then, appearing in flicks such as The Thomas Crown Affair and Thor. She's opened up about her battle with bipolar in the past and has now admitted she wishes she'd seized more opportunities when they were presented to her.

"I guess my biggest struggle in my career has been a certain reluctance to actually work as much as maybe... How can I say this? I've been offered opportunities that I didn't take. I probably haven't embraced my career like I could have. I think part of it was just who I am as a person," she explained to Vulture.

"There's a certain insecurity that I have. Look, I worked my ass off. And I'm so fortunate, because I worked with amazingly talented people. I've been really lucky. But there have been times where I have been tentative going into every situation. It's not easy for me. I don't think I'm as brave. Not just in my career, but in my life, and that's probably held me back a little bit."

Her latest role is TV editor Nina Romina in Nightcrawler, starring opposite Jake Gyllenhaal as chilling cameraman Louis Bloom. The movie has already gained awards buzz, with the handsome star up for best actor at both the Golden Globes and SAGs.

Rene isn't too fazed about being honoured for her part but hopes Jake is given the credit he deserves after dropping pounds for the film.

"I would like to say this about Jake. I really hope that Jake is recognised for this role. What he had to do in this film is about as hard as it gets, and I don’t know if people realise that, because he had to knit together so many different competing character traits," she gushed. "He was charming, but he was repulsive. He was threatening, but there was an innocent quality to him. He wasn’t a complete sociopath. And every time you thought he was something, he would change it up on you. It’s like a magic trick."

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